Company Profile

A world leader for 25 years and counting

Inductabend specialises in high integrity heat induction bending of pipe and other sections. Inductabend operates a range of specialised induction machines including two automated Cojafex

PB 850 SE induction bending machines. Our stated aim is to offer bending service excellence to industry.

Induction Bending Capacity

Cojafex PB 850 SE:

  • 50 mm to 900 mm diameter pipe
  • wall thickness up to 100 mm
  • other heavy sections

The available bending radii varies from:

  • 100 mm to 12,000 mm depending on section size.
  • Larger radius bends are available by special arrangement.

Cold Bending Capacity

We also offer a wide range of cold bending and rolling of pipe and structural sections through our sister company Smithweld Pty. Ltd.


Inductabend is committed to the development and application of leading induction bending technologies.

Cojafex Induction Bending is a hot bending process specifically designed to produce high quality pipe bends – although other sections may also be bent by this process; including RHS and heavy structural sections.

Cojafex induction bending machines are recognised and acknowledged internationally as a benchmark for the induction bending process. Inductabend uses Cojafex software and historical database records to predict machine bending parameters and to ensure compliance to bend specifications. For process control and Quality Assurance, the Cojafex is automated with programmable numerically controls. An integrated dual wavelength fibre-optic pyrometer system continuously records and plots the process thermal history for up to four separate probes.


Materials which can be successfully induction bent include all alloy steels, low and high carbon steels, high X grade linepipe steels, chrome-nickel alloys and titanium.


Industries serviced by this technology include:

  • Oil and gas
  • Power generation
  • Petrochemical
  • Mining and mineral processing
  • Chemical and food processing
  • Construction and Ship building