Hot Induction Bending

An advanced metal bending process

25-900NB & 3-100 Wall, Tight & Long Radius Bends

1.5D and greater centerline radius pipe bends and curves.

Simple elbows, tightly contorted shapes, compound pipe spools to close dimensional tolerances, complex curves including spirals and ellipses; as well as three dimensional shapes such as helixes & free-form curvilinear to XYZ co-ordinates.

For transmission pipelines, long radius bends can be formed with very little ovality or wall thinning for storage on site and cutting to the required angle as required for crossings tight terrain following bends to minimise excavation and environmental impact, and planned pipeline construction.

Automated start/stop procedures have been developed specifically for X grades and and carbon steel pipes requiring accurate reproduction of qualification results, and can be programmed for optimum process control.